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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a visit?

Simply contact our office by phone. We will request insurance information and schedule a visit.

How will I know if my insurance company will reimburse me for the visit?

AnswerOur insurance specialists will determine your eligibility for an examination. Some major medical plans require a referral, which we will obtain prior to your exam.

What if I have Medicare?

AnswerFacility or home visits are covered in the same manner as an office based visit. Your annual deductable must have been met for Medicare to cover the exam.

QuestionHow are the doctors able to perform evaluations in the home? Don't they need equipment that is only available in an office?

AnswerOur doctors carry high tech portable diagnostic equipment allowing them to perform virtually the same type of evaluation as they would in an office environment.

What if I need additional testing? Will additional tests be covered by insurance?

AnswerIf additional testing is needed (i.e. bloodwork), those tests will be billed separately by whoever performs the tests. Our doctors are not reimbursed for additional testing.

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